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Aviation Electric and Electronics

Electric and Electronics in Aviation want the maintenance of the electrical and electronic spare parts of a plane to be done, based on the topical data and universal standards. In this way, it aims at the safe realization of the flight with the other organs sharing the similar responsibilities. The Department of Aviation Electric and Electronics of Nisantasi University trains its graduates to be equipped with enough skills and experience to undertake this responsibility when they are employed by the firms in the sector.

As aviation and electrical-electronic technology requires success at universal standards from its staff, English as the language of aviation occupies a significant place within the whole education system. With this understanding, the Department of Aviation Electric and Electronics of Nisantasi University aims to meet this need with its intensive program of English language, like all the other departments of the Department. As a result, the Department of Aviation Electric and Electronics trains aircraft technicians that will meet the expectations of the national and international aviation authorities with its high technology and English education. The Department admits students, depending on their scores in the first stage of university entrance exam.

Our graduates are employed by the institutions engaged in national and international aviation maintenance repair-overhaul centres, by airplane component electric-electronic service, and by the technical organizations related to aviation. Employment is possible in private and public sectors.
The Department enriches the four-semester syllabus with technical courses and practices in the field as well as with various optional courses and subjects from the related fields. Intensive language training of English is included in the syllabus, too. In this sense, among the courses in the syllabus are AC-DC Circuits, Flight Theory, Undamaged Control Methods, Electronic Circuits and Communication, and so on. The program can be seen in details in the attachment.
Click here for the four-year curriculum of the Department of Aviation Electric and Electronics.
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