School of Civil Aviation

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The development of trade to make the whole world a single market has led to an increase in the demand for fast and value-added transport activities. This has led to the development of airline transport. The development of the aviation sector has increased the interest in aviation in our country and accordingly, the need for trained personnel has emerged in the aviation sector where competition is intense.

Since aviation industry expects success in universal standards, English as an aviation language has an important place in the whole education system. With this understanding, Nişantaşı University School of Civil Aviation aims to meet this need through intensive English programs in all departments. At the same time, our students gain experience with simulator applications and trainings are reinforced in realistic environments.

As a result, Nişantaşı University educates candidates who will meet the expectations of national and international aviation authorities with their technology and English education.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Gönen

Director of School of Civil Aviation



11th Aviation Summit

The Aviation Club of Nişantaşı University, which train personnel for the aviation sector, is also organizing the 11th edition of the Aviation Summit this year.   ...